Churches United

DURING THE COVID-19 CRISIS: Please call 218-444-1380 to be sure that we are open, before coming to our office. Thank you

JUNE 30, 2020 UPDATE Churches United is open and continuing to follow the same COVID 19 protocols that we have been. Guests are asked to call ahead, when they can, so that an application can be taken over the phone. For those that do not have a phone, an application can be taken at the door. However, the guests are asked to socially distance by staying back 6 feet from the door when staff comes out. Guests are still not allowed in the office.

Churches United is taking donations of hygiene products, quilts, clean blankets, towels, etc. Please call ahead to be sure the office is staffed. All donations are quarantined for 72 hours prior to being inventoried and distributed.

MAY 7, 2020 UPDATE Churches United is open and still following the same protocols that we started in March. Applications for assistance are being taken over the phone and being provided for, as we are able, at the door. Please note that guests are not currently allowed in the office. Please stay 6 feet back from the door as we set your assistance outside. Thank you.

MARCH 30, 2020 UPDATE Churches United will be following the same plan this week [March 30 – April 2] that we did last week. Applications for assistance will be taken over the phone and provided, as we are able, at the door. The message on our answering machine has been changed to be more relevant to our current situation.

MARCH 22, 2020 UPDATE Churches United will not be open as normal the week of March 23 to March 27. We are currently not allowing anyone in the office at this time, However, we will be taking phone calls and we may be able to offer some limited assistance. We are in the process of remodeling out front lobby/office area to make it safer for everyone. Please be patient as we work through this.

Churches United is a church guided ministry that provides emergency short-term assistance for those who need immediate help and have nowhere else to turn. Services we may provide include financial aid for: food, gas, rent, and utility bills. Our assistance extends to individuals and families through counseling and referrals to other community agencies and resources.

How You Can Help
There are three specific areas in which you can help Churches United transform the lives of those we serve.

1. Financial Support: We accept donations year round (cash or check). Note: All Donations are Tax Deductible

2. Volunteering: We ask for just four (4) hours of your time per month. We have a job for you, no matter what your skill set is.If you like helping people, greeting people, filing paperwork, data entry, or just organizing the office; we have a job for you.

3. Donations: We are in current need of the following items:
>Travel Size Toiletries
>Tooth Brushes and Tooth Paste
>Laundry Detergent
>Dish Detergent
>Shaving Razors and Shaving Cream [Men & Women]
>Toilet Paper
>Fruit Cups, Granola Bars, Snack Crackers, Etc. for Sack Lunches for the Homeless
>Bibles for our lobby for those who want one